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The origin of Montague

Montague Paratrooper The Montague Paratrooper In 1995, David Montague was commissioned by the American Department of Defence to design a tactical means of transportation. Hanging from their parachutes, including rucksack as well as folding strong mountain bike, this design had to provide the soldiers with rapidly deployable mobility in conflict areas. In army green, of course. Eventually, this bike was produced and deployed in military operations. The Paratrooper was born! Up to the present time all kinds of sportive cyclists in many countries ride Paratroopers to their full satisfaction. It is not without reason that the enormous versatility of the Paratrooper has been discovered. The success of this folding mountain bike is based on the bike’s strength and its super-fast folding system. The frames are made from heavily reinforced aluminium, have shock-absorbing front forks and the bikes are provided with sturdy disc brakes. And the bikes distinguish themselves by the assembly of the bike’s components.

Direct Connect

DirectConnect™ is the newest advancement infolding bike technology. Montague’s re-designed folding system took the strongest folding bike on the market and made it even better. Fit system is our patented Folding Integrated Technology it allows our bikes to fold around the seat tube without breaking any of the frame’s tubing. The result is a bike that rides as well or better than it’s non-folding counterparts.

Highline Direct Connect 2

It’s all in the frame

Materials used in frame construction are equally important. So our engineers, looking to the aircraft industry, have developed state of the art custom drawn 7005 series, aircraft grade aluminum tubing that is used on every bike we sell. Sure, it would be easier and less expensive to use the same old round steel tubes that everyone else uses, but then our bikes would ride just like everyone else’s, an option we just can’t accept. Our trend-setting frame materials are then assembled in our state of the art welding facility making a frame that boasts lateral stiffness for awesome power transfer, yet remains compliant in vertical motion so the bike does not feel harsh. Finally, our frames are finished with a 5-layer anti-corrosion finishing process allowing them to last longer and look better. All this adds up to a frame that will last a lifetime and is guaranteed to do so.

Highline Direct Connect Folded


RackStand is a new concept in bicycle rack systems. It is a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. It even makes folding and storing your folded bike easier.

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What we offer

It did not take long before the patents of the Paratrooper folding mountain bikes were used for fast urban bikes. This resulted in two different bikes from the functionality point of view, but all with a similar folding frame. additional accessories can be bought aswell